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INCREDIBLE SERVICE! So quick and easy. It was pouring down rain and our service person let us stay in our car as he changed our tire! I will HAPPILY call on this company again if I am ever stuck. VERY reasonable prices for a company that COMES TO YOU! So happy with this service!
Aymee Garcia
Aymee Garcia
Needed to have a wheel mounted and balanced. Called Jay on a Saturday and he showed up to my home within a few hours. Very reasonable price and I didnt have to waste half my Saturday waiting around at the tire shop. I highly recommend Jay's Mobile Tire Shop and will use them again.
Eddie M.
Eddie M.
Such a convenience! Not having to worry about waiting in line AT a shop, then worry about transportation home and back during the process…. So worth it! So fast!
Travis Dyson
Travis Dyson
Very professional and courteous. Responded immediately with very little wait time most important price was not bad at all.
Professional and attentive would definitely recommend.
Miqueas Melendez
Miqueas Melendez
I requested and they delivered. I highly recommend Jay’s. They are one of a kind!
pengiun von
pengiun von
I just caught a flat on Alligator Alley and they came less than an hour. The service was quick and I was on my way. Thanks again.
Tina M
Tina M
Jay’s Mobile were very professional he was on time he said exactly what time to expect them. I called spoke with Representative advised of tire situation gave my tire size and they told me they had my tire size came changed tire very quickly I am happy with my service will HIGHLY RECOMMEND to my family and friends. Thank you Jay’s you saved my day I didn’t have a spare tire it blew out I appreciate your service.
Angela West
Angela West
Fantastic, fast, straight forward service. Mobile service replaced two tires I idiotically blew out. Everything was completed within a couple hours of our initial phone call. Tires replaced without leaving my home. Superb.
aj z
aj z


A roadside emergency can happen at any moment on South Florida Roads in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches when you’re out and about, but knowing how to safely respond can help you feel more prepared. Whether your tire goes flat, car battery dies or you forget to check your gas light before it hits “E”, here are five tips from Jay’s Roadside Assistance to help you prepare and stay safe when a roadside emergency happens to you

1. Have the proper tools on hand.

One of the easiest ways to prepare ahead of time for a roadside emergency is having an emergency kit in your vehicle. Pre-made kits are available to buy online and in store, or you can put together your own roadside emergency kit. Tailor your kit to the weather in your area, include items that suit you and your family and have multiple kits or back-up kits.

Some potential items to include in your emergency kit:

  • First Aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Jumper cables
  • Road flares
  • Bottled water and nonperishable snacks
  • Blanket
  • Clean, empty, refillable gas jug
  • Pencil and notepad

2. Get off the road.

If your vehicle is able to move, drive it over to the shoulder or as far out of traffic as possible. If you need to leave your vehicle and it isn’t safe to get out on your driver’s side for any reason, exit through the passenger door. If you leave, make sure to lock your vehicle and leave a note on the windshield with a phone number in case roadside assistance or a police officer stop by.

3. Make your vehicle visible to others.

Using your hazard lights is an easy way to alert other drivers to your vehicle. If included in your emergency kit, use flares, warning lights or a hazard triangle to better alert other drivers that your vehicle is having problems.

4. Exercise caution.

Jay’s Roadside Assistance recommends keeping the doors locked if you stay in your vehicle, and when accepting help from strangers, always exercise good judgment. Keep your seatbelt fastened when sitting in your vehicle. If you exit your vehicle, stay far away from moving traffic.

5. Call Jay’s Roadside Assistance at (954) 305-0186

You can’t always solve a roadside emergency by yourself, which is why it’s important to call in help when you need it. Having access to a roadside assistance service can make an emergency less frightening, especially when you’re somewhere unfamiliar, when it’s dark outside or during inclement weather. We recommend making sure the service you choose has ASE Certified mechanics on call to assure any automotive problem can be handled.

Jay’s Roadside Assistance in South Florida can help with a variety of car problems, and it’s good to know someone has your back if something goes wrong.

Remember to call 911 if you don’t feel safe or are worried about your surroundings and then call Jay’s and we’ll be there in a flash.

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