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Not the cheapest but definitely worth every penny because of their excellent service and response time. They came out and saved the day patching my tire after a giant chunk of metal drained it of air in minutes and when the patch didn’t hold came out to a second location and patched it again from the inside. Will definitely use again if I’m ever in a jam and highly recommend.
Leah Michelle
Leah Michelle
I called Jay’s Tire after my front tire blew out on US1 and Niko was there in less than 10 minutes. 5 minutes later I was back on the road. Niko is a true pro—i highly recommend these guys if you’re ever in a similar situation. Also—the price was very reasonable for such excellent and fast service.
John Blomberg
John Blomberg
Today I needed to change the tire on my car and this company came to my office, changed the tire, calibrated the 4 tires and I was really satisfied with the service, in addition to the best service and price. Otavio Souza thank you Charles Arter
Rádio Arca Online
Rádio Arca Online
Professional and knowledgeable! Charles kept me apprised throughout the whole process. He was on time and treated my car how a mechanic should. I highly recommend!
Alex Jean
Alex Jean
Jay’s Mobile Tire service was so convenient! I called, they got the tires in stock, and had them installed in no time at all! All of this done as well from the convenience of my home because they came right to my doorstop. Great customer service, fair pricing, and a job well done! Thank you!
michell llovet
michell llovet
What a great concept! Charles was communicative and speedy throughout the whole thing. He kept me updated on arrival time and efficiently changed out my spare tire with a replacement he had brought. He let me know there was an issue with my rims and what I needed to fix. Kind and courteous, and reasonably priced. Def recommend if you have an emergency or can’t get to a tire shop (or even if you can- just let them bring the shop to you)!
Ashley Galloway
Ashley Galloway
Jay's Mobile Tire Shop was awesome! On a rainy South Florida Sunday, they were able to help me fix (2) flat tires. Knyco was super efficient and did a great job helping me out with my car. Thanks again and Thanks again Knyco!
John Kiddy
John Kiddy
Quick service. Very friendly staff. Charles helped with a last minute, late night tire repair after I ran over a nail. He was fast, efficient, and friendly.
Shari Bass
Shari Bass
Charles came out and patched our tire. Quick response. Great customer service. And Charles was fantastic. Highly recommend.
Hugh Jasshole
Hugh Jasshole

Never Underestimate the Importance of Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure - Broward Tire Service - Flat Tire

Submitted by Jay Roadside


Jay’s Roadside Assistance and Mobile Tire of South Florida is one of South Florida’s fastest-growing tire sales and service businesses serving Dade and Broward counties. “We see a lot of tires that need to be replaced much sooner than their rated mileage and it’s a shame “, says owner Jay Allen, “and the number 1 reason is tire pressure.” Tire pressure is one of the most overlooked items when it comes to car safety. And not just by beginners. Even experts tend to neglect this important aspect of car maintenance, especially when they’re in a hurry and have many other things on their minds. But keeping your tires at the right pressure at all times is crucial if you want to avoid accidents that are often caused by low tire pressure and replace tires sooner than if they were properly maintained.

Tires are a huge investment

Even with Jay’s Mobil Tire’s competitive prices, tires are a huge investment. They’re the only thing between you and the road, so it’s important for them to be in good shape and maintain proper tire pressure. “The cost of replacing or repairing tires can be expensive, and we don’t like to see people waste money by not taking care of them”, says Jay

Tire pressure is just as important for safety as any other maintenance checkup on your car available from Jay’s Roadside Assistance and Mobile Tire. Your tires provide traction with the road surface, which allows you to steer without locking up and turning into a skid (a bad thing). If they aren’t inflated properly, they’ll wear out much more quickly than usual—which means spending more money on replacements instead of enjoying life in whatever way suits you best!

Low tire pressure causes tires to get worn on the sides and that causes uneven tire wear.

Underinflated tires get worn on the sides and that causes uneven tire wear. You may notice this when you look at your tires, but what exactly is happening?

When a tire is underinflated and has low tire pressure, the part of the tire that meets the road first and pushes against it is going to be wearing much more quickly than other parts of the tread. This can cause unsafe driving conditions because your car will handle and drive differently depending on how much tread there is in each area of your tire.

The added friction from under-inflated tires causes your car to use more gasoline.

The added friction from under-inflated tires causes your car to use more gasoline. The additional fuel consumption can add up to several hundred dollars a year in wasted gas, as well as make your car less efficient and easier to drive.

The added friction also speeds up the rate at which the tires wear out, so you need to replace them more often.

Check your tires for proper inflation monthly.

The most important thing you can do to prevent tire problems according to Jay’s Roadside Assistance and Mobile Tire is to check the inflation of your tires monthly. The best time to check tire pressure is when the tires are cold, so it’s important that you check your tires early in the morning before you’ve been driving around on them all day.

To find out whether or not your car’s tires have proper inflation, you can use a gauge an inexpensive gauge available locally at any Walmart or Target store. They cost less than $15 and are accurate within 1/4 PSI over 100 PSI and within 1/2 PSI under 100 PSI—that means it’ll be able to tell if your car’s tires are up to spec without any trouble at all! Additionally, if there was ever any doubt about how much air pressure should go into each individual tire on a vehicle, just take a look at its owner’s manual! It will always contain information about how much air should go into each individual wheel.

If you think about it, proper tire inflation is easy to take care of, but it can save you money and keep you safe.

The thing is, proper tire inflation is easy to take care of. You don’t need special tools or equipment. All you need is a reliable tire pressure gauge and some time to check your tires regularly.

It’s all about keeping things simple for yourself; by taking care of a few minutes every couple of weeks, you can save hundreds or even thousands in repairs over the life of your tires.


The bottom line is that proper tire inflation is easy to take care of, but it can save you money and keep you safe. The only way to know if your tires are inflated properly is by checking them regularly with a pressure gauge. If they’re not at the right level, it’s time to fill them up!

Whether you replace your tires sooner or later, Jay’s Roadside Assistance and Mobil Tire Shop are available to deliver and install tires at competitive prices to your home or office. You’ll never waste time again at a tire shop waiting room when you schedule tire installation from Jay.

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